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    Kinda had a hard time with the shiny armour. C&C pls...thks

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    quite nice
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    some of your highlights are blown #1 #3 and #4
    #5 is nice except for the inconsistant bg colour (there are 2 distinct lines there)
    also too much empty space on left and right

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    Do a search on the internet on how to control lighting when shooting chromed or shiny metals. The American photographers are famous for doing this! They love Bling!

    Some of the shots you see on Harley Davidson ads are a good reference. I don't have any materials at hand at the moment, but if you spend some time to do some research on the internet you should be able to find something.

    Shiny objects are hard to shoot, and it requires quite a bit of work. I hope you can reshoot this and post your findings too. Cheers.

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    Hey bro,

    You need a light tent like the one PQ23 is MOing to prevent overblowing the highlights on your nice figurines. Furthermore you can use 2 flash to give a differential effect on the lighting.

    The sword and the sabre looks good!

    Anyway, like your figurines. They look really fierce.
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    i like the last one the best.
    ps. theres a 1 photo posting rule for this part of the forum.

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    i like the first pic first i tot some theater play character..when the 2nd pic appear..the rest are all masak..but still consider good..but agree with the rest for the blown highlights..
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    thks for the critics! just for info, the lightings is made by a L-torch. ^^" totally no idea how to use it...will work harder nxt time. =D


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