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Thread: Product photography setup advise

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    thanks for all the advises...

    come to think about it, maybe i will redo my costing adding in out sourcing it.

    But maybe I will still try it for fun... as they say everyone start somewhere.... do understand that if I pursue it without the stress of producing result it will be more fun and enduring.
    Just like hobbist photographer, we like to try... To me it just feel like buying a new "better" len knowing very well that what matters most is the person that is holding the equipment.
    I guess most of the manufacturers will be in scratching your heads if all of us shake off the buying itch.... Hahaha....

    I shall change this topic to "Starting product photography as hobby... what should i get?"
    Anyone? Now must be really economical....

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    Default Re: Product photography setup advise

    If shooting for the company is an unpaid thing, soon SBS and TIBS drivers will have to buy their own buses to drive for a living.

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