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Thread: Anyone used Gretag Macbeth calibrator?

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    Hi all,

    Anybody owned and used the above to calibrate your monitor?

    I tried and after calibrating, my LCD monitor seem to appear rather dim and warm... is that normal?

    There are 3 settings after the calibration. Warm, neutral and cool. Which did you use?
    The cheaper calibrators should work as well as the more expensive ones. Did you leave the LCD monitor for about 1/2 to 1 hour before the calibration? Turning the LCD monitor on for a while stabilizes the colors and contrast. Also, try to do the calibration in a completely darkened room. Best setting should be the one that matches your color printer or lab. But most will choose neutral.

    That said, we have done quite a number of calibrations with EyeOne and the screen does turn out slightly warm and not as bright (if you are working in a very bright room, ambient light does make a difference in perceived brightness). Don't worry too much if you have followed the exact steps for calibration. You will get used to the new color and brightness.

    Best regards

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    In my personal experience, I find that Eyeone and X-rite calibration products work much better than the rest of the competition. It's no wonder since GM is now owned by Monaco, manufacturer of the X-Rite line.

    I used colorvision before and the calibration process never yielded decent results, prints still came out looking strange despite using custom profiles for my printer.

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