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    He is playing with fire while I am still testing water.

    At Sentosa. In front of the gate to Musical Water Fountain Show. EXIF info intact.
    Panasonic DMC-FZ20 - Aperture 2.8 - Speed 1/4 sec - Flash used around 8:00pm

    Please give me some comment and advice.

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    I like the shot! The exposure of the fire is beautifully captured.

    One nitpick is that you might want to burn out the distracting "gap" formed by the leaves in the right part.

    Also, if the top edge of the fire trail was in the shot...

    Otherwise, good capture!

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    Thanks merkava74 for your comments!
    The fact is that I only know shadow and highlight in ACDSee.
    I still have to learn how to dodge / burn selected areas in PS.

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    Hi ZinY, post processing is a powerful tool, and in my personal opinion, indispensible to digital photography. You might like to pay around with programs like Adobe Photoshop to manipulate your photos. Don't worry about making mistakes, trial and error is the key.

    I have taken the liberty to do some "touch ups" and cropping to your photo, just to show the limitless possibilities of post processing.

    What I did: Cropped it, Burnt some parts, dodged some, "added" the fire loop on the top, resized the photo.

    Hope you don't mind. (If you do, let me know, I'll remove the photo).

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    Hi merkava74,
    Thanks for the advice.

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    I don't know...removing the gap definitely made the picture looked better but removing the feet and the spectators made the photo a little unreal.


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