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Thread: 1st DSLR purchase: 400D / D80?

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    thats the price for the kit package and together with the bundled "freebies" in the previous fair. I'd think it would be a good deal as i'd need to get all those freebies as well. hope the price would be +-$2k during the next fair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breathe View Post
    OH MA GOD! Anti dust? I'm so for anti-dust.

    I'm really so sick of seeing little dust dots in my nice blue sky. And I don't even change lens often. Little differences in image quality are not so important to me, when the sometimes glaring dust dots can be much more obvious. Good to see Canon stepping it up. BTW I'm currently using Nikon, and I developed a major batch of photos, to see *gasp* my beautiful blue sky with beautiful black dots. And now everytime I look at these photos, those are what catches my eyes first.

    Well, yea, post-processing? Recently I spotted more than 4 dots every image, who knows how many more each time. Cleaning? Maybe sometime in the future. And those swabs aren't cheap.
    You should consider the Olympus E-system. It was the first brand to come out with anti dust system and is still the best anti dust system, ahead of Canon and Sony. The C & S anti dust doesn't seem to really work that well from what i read on DP Review forums.

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    Default What about the new K10D?

    Iíve been into photography for a long time, but my next camera will be my first in the digital world.

    Iíve been doing a lot of research and have narrowed my choices (within my budget range) to the Canon Rebel XTi, and since the reviews state that Nikonís D80ís image quality has caught up with Canon, also that model. However, dust seems to be the evil beast out there so Iíve discounted the D80 as the added cost of the D80 for whatever additional benefits it has do not outweigh the aggravation for me of dealing with the dust issue.

    Now here is by problem Ė the new Pentax K10D that should be out in a few weeks looks like a serious contender. With water and dust seals throughout, anti-dust system, anti-shake system that is built into the sensor and not the lens, and a 22-bit analog to digital converter may give the big boys a real run.

    The reviews are only stating at this time the facts as presented to them from Pentax, and they are not showing their usual side-by-side image comparisons like they have for the XTi vs the D80. So expanding this topic, has anyone else researched the K10D and could shed some light?

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    Talking Re: 1st DSLR purchase: 400D / D80?

    Well before deciding from just only reviews on the net and here says from users.
    Better try em for yourself...bring your own or borrow some memory cards. go to the shop and test em for yourself.

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    Default Re: 1st DSLR purchase: 400D / D80?

    Yes.. Don't forget to bring your SD Card!!
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