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    Hi all,

    Anyone know where got get Salomon Skates?? Seems like it have stop selling in Singapore? izzit true?

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    go to skateline shop. they have an outlet in east coast. they have many line-up of in-line skates aside from salomon.

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    I bought my pair at the East Coast outlet.

    There is a shop at Queensway Shopping Centre selling Salomon blades too. I can't remember the name.

    There's a shop at East Coast Parkway selling Salomons too. Next to 7-11...

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    hey guys, thx alot for the replies, will go check it out.

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    U can check out Inline Culture. Heard they have some coming in.

    Else, most shops that used to sell..already stopped bringing in le. Production for salomon skates stopping le.

    Alternatively is buying online...even then..most shops running out of stock.

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    isn't solomon going to stop production? maybe wrong news or rumour..
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    may i know where is this inline culture? went east coast today, did not seems to come across it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanyewkay View Post
    isn't solomon going to stop production? maybe wrong news or rumour..
    is not stop production

    its totally stop selling that product in singapore
    it was in dec 05
    i remember cuz my fren tell me their shop
    at suntech closing and got 50% discount
    so i mai tu liao
    go chiong mannage to buy booties only
    after that been searching for thier shoes..
    i their cross countr shoes alot v nice to wear..
    xpecally for camps and trecks
    been with me for about
    1.5 yrs still holding strong but has 3 small holes..

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    Salomon exited the Singapore market as Adidas sold the company to Amber Sports.

    Salomon has also exited the American market.

    As of this moment, Salomon skates has stopped production as the new head office decides on the new direction. The 2006 series may be the last u see of Salomon saktes.

    All the models are running out of shops from shops in UK, Australia and US. U can do a check online. A couple of friends trying to buy have all met with the same problem. Local parallel importers have also abandoned the brand due to the news.

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    Hi W.S.Y. Not sure where the shop is.

    Their website is here.

    Give them a call or email them to find out if they have the skates you want before dropping by. In case u waste your trip there. =)

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    Inline culture is along the same side of the road as Holy Family Church (if you r familiar with this infamous church in the east) the shop is located under 1 of the shop houses, not very visible from the road unless you take a 5 min walk from Holy Family Church.

    The sales manager Ismail (IIRC) is a very helpful guy, he will try to help you with the fitting and all. That said, they do carry quite a bit of salomon skates, as all of them r firm believers of salomon skates.

    the other shop that carry quite a bit of salomon skates is the Paya Labar Skateline shop. Got disc on some of the older models, though some sizes r ltd.

    hope i managed to help ...

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    Last i saw, i dun think there are anymore Salomon skates at the Paya Lebar Skatekline shop. The last Salomon skate was a kid skate if i rem correctly.

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    Gee.. I did not know that Salomon skates have stopped production. Sad to hear that..


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