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Thread: PP exercise (china fujian)

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    Default PP exercise (china fujian)

    In response to people who asked me how to create the tone of the pics in

    This is a technique i learnt just recently through many experiments, so it is NOT as REFINED as the masters. For the benefit of those new to PP, i'd gladly share this discovery, and hope the experts could chip in to perfect it.

    Before i begin, i strongly recommend reading the following post for a better understanding of levels:
    (Thanks unseen for the useful links there)

    Original photo:

    Step one, apply a curves adjustment layer as such:

    Point A would adjust how strong the shadows would be
    Point B would adjust the midtone contrast/boost
    Point C would adjust how strong the highlights would be


    Pretty much achieved the tone, but still lacking in mood and drama

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    Default Re: PP exercise (china fujian)

    To add focus to the subject, darken the unimportant parts by adding a layer (blending = multiply) of gradients as such:

    Now its almost done. To achieve the "sepia" mood, you can either use colour balance or if one is lazy, use the photo filter to add a warming filter:

    To make it more presentable, place the pic on a simple frame. In this case i chose a black frame to emphasize the mood, and also to better bring out the colours. Personally, i feel that a good title is just as important to capture the thoughts of viewers.


    That's all folks!
    C & C most welcome

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    Default Re: PP exercise (china fujian)

    Just my 2cents..I do like bit of more detail inside the hse. Tink it'll create more depth and makes the scene more inviting?


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