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Thread: Who's the next Singapore Idol?

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    And..and..and they boast its number 1 show in singapore! What do you think HAPPENS when you have a show that OCCURS 4 TIMES a week!!! Not only you force helpless Singaporeans to watch it but you successfully ERADICATE all other TV shows, and hence, NO compatitors!!! Week after week after week! I'm soooo glad ITS OVER! I even enjoyed the embarassing lipsync and offkey singing of some guest singers because I KNOW FOR A FACT that I will HAVE my PRECIOUS wednesdays and thursdays and saturdays back!!! Sorry... I need to rant... I was told its healthy. But I'm okay now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilboy View Post
    Taufiq makes softee/big glup for 7-11, actually spokesman
    Slyvester sing in the lounge.....

    Taufiq can do well in regional market (Indonesia, Malaysia), Slyvester suppose to be doing well in Taiwan with his Ah Beng looks, but the problem is Taiwan got "Tai Ke", dun need Ah Beng.

    Hady should be following Taufiq footstep in Indonesia and Malaysia, maybe be spokesman for "Cheers" chain, Jonathan has better chance in Taiwan, China and Hongkong should he sings well in Chinese, he definately have higher chance than Slyester....

    but than again, both of them are not really good Singers in my point of view, maybe I watch America Idol too much, I bet both of them cannot even pass the last 16 if they were to join.
    That's probably true, but some of the American Idol winners have been forgettable too. I can't remember the names of the past two winners, or is it three? :P

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    What makes a good singer? Someone who can give you diva like performances all the time?

    If that's the case, alot of well known Singers in the world would not be singers in the first place.

    If you look at Country music, all the males don't have your typical powerhouse vocals.

    Tim Mcgraw, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, George Strait. They all have good voices, but nothing that can blow you away like you see on TV. Yet, they are legends in the industry. Why?

    So if they were to take part in American idol, non of them would win.
    Does everyone simply look at how powerful a person's voice is? I don't understand why everything has to be "who blows you away".

    Even John Mayer said so himself, if he had joined American idol, he thinks he wouldn't even have made it past the audition.

    Clearly there is more to Singing than just singing itself.

    Being a good songwriter and having amazing guitar or piano skills certainly helps.

    I'm sorry, all i listen to is Country music, so i'm listing down country singers as examples. LOL
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