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    I'm using a SB-600, I'm just wondering does the FV lock make any difference when I bounce the flash.

    I'm asking cuz when the flash is more directly fired at the object, FV lock does help to make sure the off centered object to be correctly exposed, but when the flash is pointing else where to bouce, the FV lock has no effect on the object.

    I suppose that is normal, as when bounced, the light is reflected, and no more so that right?

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    If you use TTL it helps eliminate subjects with half-closed eyes. Sometimes the delay from the TTL preflashes to the main flash firing can take upwards of 110ms, enough to get a half-blink or even a full-blink in.

    But yes, FV lock helps correctly expose the subject regardless of whether it's direct or bounced. It just ensures the correct exposure for the centered area.


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