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    Hi everybody!

    This week MODELinn will be featuring Dana from Canada! With long brown hair, crystal blue eyes, and clear silky complexion, she is truly a gem! For a limited stay in Singapore, dun miss this chance to capture her beauty! So register with MODELinn now!

    Sat 23rd Sep from 3.30pm - 6.30pm
    Fees per session: $70 (repeat members, $65)
    Outfits: 3 (Casual, clubbing)
    Location: Urban setting, to be released to confirmed participants only
    Ambient lighting adjustment arranged, beneficial for beginners
    Min 6, max 8 photographers

    Email to to book your place now!

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    Latest Attendance:
    Slot 1: Confirmed
    Slot 2: Confirmed
    Slot 3: Confirmed
    Slot 4: Confirmed
    Slot 5: Confirmed
    Slot 6: Confirmed
    Slot 7: Confirmed
    Slot 8: Reserved

    Those who missed this week's shoot, can join next week's shoot:

    Thank u for browsing

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