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    Hi, any one know where can i rent lecture room for a financial education seminar for 50 persons. I have try calling the hotels but the price is very expensive. i think those private school lecture room from is good enough for me, any body can help me on this? I also welcome any suggestion. Thanks you.

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    just email them and try?
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    I think I saw somewhere Maccy D has a meeting room for rent at their HQ in Kallang. Food is provided some more... can try checking their website.

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    u might want to try my organisation,

    we have rooms for rent.

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    i was about to suggest the national library, but i dont think it can accomodate 50pax.
    but u can try.

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    You can look at Safra.

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    Hi all, Thanks for the help and info. now i have more choice. Many Thanks.


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