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    need some lobangs from cs'ers for car rental. most likely weekday usage.
    im not keen at car pool services like ntuc, whizzcar etc etc. its for a one-off use.
    or if you yourself doing renting of your personal car/fleet, do give me a quote!

    hit me up via email.


    (p.s: this is an advance booking)

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    Unfortunately need my car for everyday use...

    Got a place if you want to try out, company should be called Downtown Travel Services located at Tan Chong Towers. They have good deals like a 4 day package and insurance also comes at attractive package rates.

    Give it a try if you want to...

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    nice! i checked out with DTS, quite ok rates.
    ..and thank you to the person who pm'ed me. but a bit over my budget.

    would be great if other cs'ers can provide any lobangs!

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    wats DTS?
    One-North Explorers
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    Check this out but not sure how reputable it is:

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    DTS= downtown travel services, as recommended by photoconceptz.

    thanks eastwest


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