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    I really don't know how it happened? I'm blur blur already
    Try this together with your friends....
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    look at those symbols besides the numbers that are multiples of 9..

    doesn't matter which number you choose.. when you substracted the added number from the original number you chose, you'll get the number that is multiple of 9..

    for example;
    56 --> 5+6=11 --> 56-11=45 (9*5=45)
    62 --> 6+2=8 ---> 62-8=54 (9*6=54)
    73 --> 7+3=10 --> 73-10=63 (9*7=63)

    so whatever number you choose, your final number will be multiple of 9.. each time you pressed "Try Again", the symbols besides the numbers, which are multiple of 9, will change to a new one but the same symbol.. :P

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    Hehhe great detective work


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