Please help to sign the petition if you have not already done so:

This is to petition for a longer sentence for the Old Airport Road Cat killer - 8 weeks is NOT ENOUGH for this man to get psychiatric counselling and help - also - how will the follow-up be like? Once he is released - he may kill more cats again. He didn't just kill them - he TORTURED them.

So, please log onto the above web page and sign.

Also - if anyone is interested in helping me draft an Animal Charter - please email me -

I want to draft this so that we can all present it to our MPs from all over Singapore and get them to pass it as a Bill in Parliament. An Animal Charter is basically like the Women's Charter where there are basic laws to ensure no cruelty to animals - including banning of meat / animal products from factory farms, etc.

Thanks very much for your interest and hope we can do something to help our fellow creatures on this earth who CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Peace, Alice