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    I seem unable to post photos in here (even following the tips in FAQ).

    If you can find the time to look into my flickr account ( critique 'Bag Lady' for me I would be grateful.

    Specifically - my technical choices and post-production technique - I don't think I've quite got it right.

    Photo details: D50, prime 50m, Aperture Priority, 1/250, f5.6, metering pattern mode, shot in RAW, cropped & used grey scale in 'lightroom'.

    Be brutally honest. I promise not to cry.

    Thanks for your time

    PS the image is 'saved for web' so the quality of poorer than the original
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    Doesn't really say anything to me, sorry. I think the conversion is not bad though, just be slightly mindful of the highlights.
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    nothing much to say about 'bag lady', but i liked 'barber'.

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    Would i be right to say that you were trying to target this shot in a journalistic point of view? The subject itself is good. But try placing her in her surrounding to tell us her story. Show the place she is in. Widen the crop. I think she'll make a great photostory subject.


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