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    Quote Originally Posted by patz
    need help reporting to stagmont camp, how to get there fastest way from east side pasir ris?
    There is a chartered bus service for perm staff from CCK, but if you newbie first day reporting as a trainee, then forget taking the bus. A number of buses goes to the camp vicinity. Try 190 from CCK interchange, get off at the polyclinic stop. If you carrying lots of barang-barang, be warned that you have a steep slope to climb. Best bet is what zha said, take a taxi from CCK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zha
    U were at Stagmont last week?

    I was there too lei.. supporting the OCTs.
    No lah... was in Neesoon camp wif 327 SCE was posted there during my 2nd in camp first one at 8 AETC, previously from 8SAB anyone from there?

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    Hmmm...anyone used to be 2nd Signal?

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