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    Hi guys, need help...

    I remember i read straitstimes back to few month ago, about a filipino award writer. It is in Life! section, the writer is invited to Singapore for a talk or some kind of events.. and he had been awarded by some kind of high honours in literary..

    the Life! section have an interview with him..and then i think the editors follow up with another article, that's when the editor ( a lady ) visits philippines after that interview, and the editor is being hosted and toured by this writer and his wife in philippines to a few places..

    I remember the writer is an old, heavy-weight man, with slim eyes.. i tried to search through internet but hard to find out who he is.. without keywords.

    I guess someone who like literature must have a clue who he is..can you help?

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    well, nobody read that newpaper's article? i would like to get his name..

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    any pinoy can help? =)


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