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    Question underwater DC

    Hi All,

    I'm a newbie and would like some help on which cameras to purchase:

    underwater casing c/w base plate and strobe, 3M pixel, good optical zoom, multi function (Macro shoot)... compact and not too expensive... camera (only)< s$500?

    please help! can't find info for cameras with casings...


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    Canon has a series of DC with underwater casing (selling at about S$330). u may get a Canon A40/S30/S45/Ixus v3. I am considering v3 + underwater casing. Should be fun

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    Default Canon?...err...

    yeah, i like the canon DC, but the push/pull power mechanism is putting me off due to my olympus experience. keep breaking down all the time. costly to repair too!

    Ixus V3? 2x opt zoom rite? can't get that close to the fishes.. needs a better zoom..

    any other recommendations?

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    Hi Diver,
    Not sure if you can find a 3 megapixel digicam that is <$500... perhaps the A-series from Canon? Most Canon digicams have optional u/w housing that you can purchase.

    I use the S40. My housing was about $300. Generally ok underwater, but its a bit too positively-bouyant. I'm shooting with just the plain old camera and housing. But after a while, I guess you'd get kinda bored as that set-up is too simple and limiting.

    Sea&Sea has compatiple arms, stays, strobes, lens, etc that you can buy but they'll cost a lot a lot more than the housing!

    Ah, but you don't like Canon. I find my camera ok, actually. Generally good quality pics except that I sometimes get backscatter using the flash at night (even out of water!). It has not broken down on me yet, and I've had it for >1 year already. Have used it on 2 big trips and a few dive trips, plus day-to-day shooting.

    Other brands that have u/w housing from their manufacturers... Minolta, Sony and Olympus.

    Wan Sie

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    Originally posted by tomshen
    u may get a Canon A40/S30/S45/Ixus v3. I am considering v3 + underwater casing. Should be fun
    should get S30 for 3x zoom

    i am using it with an underwater case
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