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    Has anyone here ACTUALLY shot an F1 race at Sepang? Would like to hear from you guys who have done so. Need advice on what film/lens to use.

    Am bringing a 70-200 2.8 with a 2X converter (I gather that the pros use a 400,600mm) and shooting print film. Saw on latest issue of F1 magazine (article about best F1 pics for 2002 season) that the photographers used Provia and! thats enough speed? I was thinking of using ISO 200-400 print film. What do you guys think?

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    There is actually an excellent article written by one of our fellow CS-ers here.

    Shooting @ Sepang

    Hope this helps.
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    yep, thanks, have already read and re-read it...

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    u got pass? I am interested in joining u

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    no extras, sorry , on assignment...

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    Been shooting it for the past 3 years at K2 hilly slopes. Requires 400-600mm focal length to get something reasonable. Me used slides exclusively and on sunny weather at Sepang, using Velvia to pan shots gives great punch in color.


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