One shot slit scanning panoramic cameras like the roundshot, film or digital, are great only for shots where there is no movement. They produce the best possible image quality. I say they are ideal for interiors where there is no movement in the scene.

Once you have any movement, you get distortations like shearing of your moving parts. E.g. people moving will either end up appearing really thin or fat. The distortion is in relation to speed of rotation of the lens as the slit swings with the moving objects in your 360 scene.

I used to create commercial 360 panoramas with film on my FM2 and a Polaroid Sprintscan scanner. It was great but the productivity of a digital camera these days far outweighs that of film. Too time consuming to scan my trans or costly to send for Kodak CD and the Singapore developers always screw up my digital scans.

Anyway, each capture system for creating panoramas have their pros and cons. Use them to their advantage.