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Thread: Hokkaido in Late Oct

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    Hi... planning to go Tokyo and Hokkaido in end October... anyone to advise where is good to go in Hokkaido.. I know its a weird timing... will there be still autumn colors in Hokkaido??

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    will u be driving? if so, that will be best - so much more convenient! otherwise, u can go to the ticket booth near the JR Sapporo station/bus terminus and sign up for local tours... (ps: these tours are conducted in japanese - very little english is spoken). check out these websites: and (not sure if any mentioned shakotan.. if have time, should go)

    hopefully it's not the peak period - might have problems looking for accomodation if so (japanese normally book at least a mth in advance). try the nakamuraya ryokan in sapporo... excellent food and service (again, very little english spoken)..


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