Did a search on Arabian Night, came up with nothing so I assume no one has announced this yet, although it started last weekend. Do post your photos

Date: 9 Sept - 30 Sept, Every Saturday
Time : 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Venue : Cool Deck, Siloso Beach
Admission : Free*

This was the schedule last Saturday, don't have next Saturday's. just to give you an idea... and timing.

The Programme Line-up for 9th Sept :

6.30PM 6.45PM Introductory Dance
6.45PM 7.15PM Belly Dance Introductory Workshop
7.15PM 7.45PM Jamming and Free Style
7.45PM 8.15PM Belly Dance Performance
8.15PM 8.45PM Jamming and Free Style
8.45PM 9.15PM Bollywood Dance Performance
9.15PM 9.35PM Introductory Workshop for Bollywood
9.35PM 10.00PM Jamming and Free Style
10.00PM 10.30PM Fusion Dance Performance