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Thread: Cant read from Compact flash

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    Default Cant read from Compact flash

    **please help!!!

    shot a bunch of photos using a 128 sandisk compact flash card, but only to find out none of the files can be read from the PC. most probably they are corrupted, anyone knows is there any service that can recover them??? not sofwares pls cos time is really running out... i'll pay anyone who is able to do it.


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    Try a separate card reader.

    This happened to me a while ago. A few of my photos got corrupted and when I plugged the cam into the computer, the computer couldn't read the cf card at all. However, I could still view some of the photos on the camera itself, so I concluded that only a few were corrupted, but those few were preventing the com from reading the card properly.

    I solved the problem by investing in a separate card reader-- when I slotted the card into that, the computer could differentiate between the few corrupted files and the non-corrupted ones, and I could extract those without a problem.


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