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    Can anyone sugest to me how I can digitise the film strip without leaving a single detail of the film? I mean, I even want to have the sprocket holes along the film strip to be scanned too. Can I get it done using a dedicated film scanner (not a flatbed scanner)? If possible, kindly quote me the model of the dedicated scanner and what are the additional menthod I need to apply in order to achieve it.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Smile Re: Scanning of film strips

    Hi all,

    In case you have browsed through my thread and happened to have the similar question I have and didn't know the answer to it, you may take a look at this link for some suggestions and feedback


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    My answer is with regards to flatbed film scanners.
    Yes, can be done. Most probably the scanner driver is set to autodetect the photos and display the preview as thumbnails by default. Just select to preview in normal mode, where you can marquee the area to scan by yourself.

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    Smile Re: Scanning of film strips

    Ok, thanks mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wee_ly
    Ok, thanks mate.
    Hey do you mean that a flatbed can be as good as a Nikon EV 50D?

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    if the nikon scanner is a dedicated scanner, for sure it is much better than a flatbed scanner in the sense of the the scanned pictures quality when enlarged. i think so. can someone verify my reply, please?

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    Only way is to try for yourself. Take your filmstrips down to several brands' showroom and ask to try their scanners.
    I'm sure you can bring your own thumbdrive to copy your scanned image to bring home for comparison.


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