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Thread: Planty plant. =)

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    Default Planty plant. =)

    Was just being random last night. Messing around with the camera. Here's the output. All comments are welcome.


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    You must have flashed on the first picture which makes the shot a bit too harsh, especially with plants, greens and nature when their colors are vibrant on its own, my personal preference is to go soft and go with natural light. the second is a good overall tone. These two shots are generally cluttered pictures, where the subject, if any, does not shout out. You could try getting creative with your angles, go close, try a macro, shoot from bottom up...

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    I apologise if this is harsh, but the pictures show totally no thought or effort put into them at all. It looks like something you would do to like fiddle with settings or something.

    In short, they're terrible. Put some effort into the images and post again.
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