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Thread: What's your Shooting Accuracy?

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    Originally posted by eadwine
    Whats your's "shooting" accuracy??
    i from nikonian ... frankly, a switch from F80 to F100 allow me to shoot faster at a target ... the lenses will also contribute some factors to the speed ...

    on a whole, it was like 1 shot 1 kill ... F80 will need ( for me ) 0 shots 0 kill =P simply the moving object was difficult to capture in my range .. unless i can "predict" his move ...

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    Originally posted by ninelives
    there is no such thing as one shot one kill thingy. a real professional will take a lot of shots on the same scene. it is not that their skill is not up to par but it is because the scene is very important, the scene is not easy to get. They take a lot of shots as possible just in case something screw up, be it himself, camera or the lab.

    Never just take a shot and leave, that stupid.
    agreed ! i would say one shot one kill is for human expression ? quite difficult to ask that person to show it again some other time .... quite difficult lor ...

    generally, i would expand a few shots ( i have in thoughts a couple of settings i think is good ... ) at a scene which are important ...

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    Default's one of those quantity questions about quality?

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    good question ... depend on settings ...

    well still not at the stage to switch to a ideal setting fast and shoot within 2 seconds ... ( 1 second to target and 1 second to shoot + ideal setting )

    unless you are at that setting ... ( auto mode ? or lucky to be at the settings at the pt of time ) .... then 1 second is enough....

    think brain cell is a factor also ... dun use yr brain often > KO !!

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