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    Default shake a newbie to dslr, can any bro tell me is it ok/gud to use aperture mode since i hav unstable hand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjflo23 a newbie to dslr, can any bro tell me is it ok/gud to use aperture mode since i hav unstable hand?
    A rough gauge would be 1/focal length for 'steady' shots. No, if you have unstable hand, you should use a tripod, not use modes to compensate for it. Give it a try, practice shooting and you can control all the settings one day.

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    A monopod is also pretty helpful to stabilise the camera and lens...

    try to maintain the minimum shutter speed to the length of the lens to keep movement to a min.

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    gt unstable hand then train ur hand to b stable...
    beside wat they ve pointed out...ur breathing method do make a diff oso...
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    Correct holding of the SLR will reduce camera shakes. You should be comfortable holding the camera as this will also help reduce shakes. Worst case use a tripod or monopod.

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    thanks for the replies bros.... anyway im still under training for wedding shots tats y i cant use tripods, though is a gud suggestion but definately i cant carry the tripod while keep chasing for position to shoot the bride and groom right? i actually tried m mode but somtimes my pic turns blur coz of my unstable hands... and discover tat using shutter mode helps me alot

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    Wah covering wedding :O You might wanna read up on basic exposure theory first...
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