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    Families & Friends: A Singapore Album

    Every family has stories to tell, share yours with the National Museum of Singapore. In this nation-wide appeal for photographs and memorabilia of Singaporean families and communities, starting 5 September 2006, you will be able to contribute your pictures and artefacts and the stories behind them. Old and new, formal and informal, posed or candid images of people at work or play, these photographs will come together to form Families & Friends: A Singapore Album.

    Families & Friends: A Singapore Album is a nation-wide effort to collect and document photographs and memorabilia of Singapore families and communities. This project will reflect our way of life and bring us closer as Singaporeans.

    Much of the current photographic archives of Singapore’s family and community heritage is under-documented. There is little or almost no information about the stories behind the artefacts. With Families & Friends: A Singapore Album, the hope is that this collection will be properly documented to create a rich and significant database.

    This nation-wide project will culminate in the Families & Friends: A Singapore Album exhibition, which will be held in the National Museum of Singapore from 16 February to 11 March 2007.

    Interested parties can submit their photographs and stories between 5 September 2006 and 30November 2006. Details can be found at or call 63230226 for an appointment.

    Jointly organized by the National Museum of Singapore, Landmarks Books Pte Ltd and strongly supported by Nexus, the Families & Friends: A Singapore Album project aims to collect a database of community photographs and memorabilia to highlight the things that make us Singaporean.
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