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    Quote Originally Posted by Prismatic
    Long wait? I thought the 400D is already in stores?
    not so fast. the first batch only arrives at the 9th of sep. who knows that one also delay then GG already. like last time what happened to the 30D.
    random equipment.
    where are my primes?

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    Welcome to the club I'm a 350D user for about 6 months now and loving it. Its both small and sufficiently powerful to produce excellent images.

    I admit I haven't shot much with my kit lens due to the nature of the main subjects which I often shoot, think still less than 1k shots with it thus far. However, I had found that Av mode with f/8 would be the best mode to use the kit lens as sharpness is almost guarenteed. My camera often gives a higher Av of 11-13 instead in P mode for some reasons when the kit lens is used, which renders the shuttle speed a tad slow for action shots, and it isn't as sharp as in f/8.

    The el cheapo 75-300 f/4-5.6 is quite a good telephoto lens though for the very lightweight 350D, it serves my needs very adequately and doesn't weigh a ton to lug it around and the balance feels just right :P

    Shoot more and discover!

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