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    a day out with the dog!

    huge photo on photobucket, i wonder why isnt it resized hmm.

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    nothing to critique about?!

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    Erm, too many distractions from the subject?
    "...not taking what one doesn't desire is the hardest thing in the world" - Albert Camus

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    Quote Originally Posted by centurion_sg
    Erm, too many distractions from the subject?
    Perhaps so...a more diffused background would be less distracting from your main subject (in this case, probably 'subjects'). However the composition plus the slant of the horizon gives a greater feeling of motion in an otherwise still picture. And the dog's eyes seem to lead my eyes up the legs, which in turn lead me back to the dog again. Quite nice, but perhaps the title doesn't really fit since the dog doesn't seem to be a main subject here. Or maybe it's just my male brain.

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    ahhhhh finally!
    thanks much for those! =)


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