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Thread: Qns regarding battery powered strobes

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    Default Qns regarding battery powered strobes

    Hi all! I have a query regarding battery strobes like Profoto and Elinchrom. Suppose I have a 1200w battery pack connected to a 2400w lamp head, will it be able to work? If it does, can it just fire at half power or takes twice as long to charge up to full power? Thanks in advance for helping out
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    Is the head meant to be used on the battery pack? If it is I think you should be able to use it. And yes it will only fire at the maximum power of the power pack.

    Unless you are thinking of trying to match, for example, the Acute 2 head to the Pro 7B pack. In this case I don't think it would work, I wouldn't want to try it though, it'll be too expensive of a lesson to learn if it didn't work. IF you know what I mean.


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