Do you guys leave the camera in single shot all the time or in continuous? Or situationally?

I've experimented with both modes and find that single shot is the best for producing steady 1-shot pictures. When I use continuous to shoot single shots, I have to be quicker on the draw so to speak in order to avoid the camera firing off the 2nd frame. I've noticed that this rapid movement can induce a slight blur at slower shutter speeds (don't have VR lenses yet).

The advantage of leaving it on continuous is that I can capture certain moments rapidly where if I switched from single shot to continuous the moment will be gone by the time I release the shutter. So is there a technique when opening the shutter so as not to cause the 'slight blur recoil'?

By the way I use a D70s and an SB-800 with either a 18-70mm(DX) or 70-300mm(35mm) at the moment.