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Thread: Getting a puppy

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    Default Getting a puppy

    Hi, my wife and I wanted to keep a dog as a pet. Any help where to choose and get a puppy?

    Dog owners, how much do you spend per month to keep your dog?

    We are absolutely new in keeping dog as pet, so taking this thread to ask around and do some research first!

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    Default Re: Getting a puppy

    I would recommend SPCA or ASD. Do rehoming rather that get pure bred dogs.

    Pure bred not equals more healthy or better learner. Sometimes, or most, mongrels or Singapore Dogs so called learn much faster and are healthier due to mixed gene pool.

    Also, read up more. If you decide on long fur species, they usually require grooming which cost quite a bit. Some dogs such as schnauzer dont shed but needs grooming as well.


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    do check out forums for more info on dogs...

    anyway. some things that i read about in choosing a dog are

    1) enquire about heritage
    2) take a look at the mother of the puppy u are buying
    3) in a litter, try not to choose the most active puppy or the one that gets bullied...the in betweens are normally a better choice

    as a personal preference...i try not to get from home breeders or those from pet farms(where dogs are reared just to reproduce puppies for sale).....



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