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    Another place to go is TK Foto @ Beach Road Shaw Towers, Level 2. They got a good collection of bags too.
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    I went MS color they don't really have a good selection of bags.. only lowepro and limited range. Why don't you do some research online, decide on what bag you want then ask around for quotes. Can get second hand on clubsnap also, much cheaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubric
    Which brands does MS Color sell? Are they mostly shoulder bags or backpacks? It's a little inconvenient to get there just to see.
    Other tha Cathay & MS Color, I know there's a 'Hasselblad shop' at Plaza Sing that sells Tenba. What other brands are there locally and where can they be found? Thanks.
    go to CP (PP), they have full range of lowepro on display.

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