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    I've just gotten a Sony a100 as a gift.
    But I do not need such a good camera as I am a very new amateur.
    I'm thinking of selling it and get a lcd tv and a cheaper dSLR camera with the money instead.
    But I read in reviews that a100 is a good camera for amatuers as well...
    But I would like a lcd tv too...
    What do you suggest?
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    Sell it, get a D80 or 400D instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AReality
    Sell it, get a D80 or 400D instead.
    Not enough to buy either one of them with the money for A100...

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    Sell it off if u dont like it. save a bit more for a nikon or canon. for me, i've set my mind for a pentax
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    Wow....Sony A100 as a free gift...
    How come I don't have such luck ???

    Unless you really need a DSLR for your photo needs.
    The body and kit lens is just the basic.
    You will need to spend more $$ when you venture further and deeper.

    Sell the A100 while it still can fetch a good price now.
    Then get yourself a Sony H2 prosumer camera.
    Save the rest of your $$ for your LCD TV.
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    I think I'll get a cheap Nikon or Canon.
    H5, I considered, but Nikon or Canon has better add-on capabilities.
    If I keep my a100, it'll cost even more if I require additional equipment to compliment it in future.
    But it's hard to sell. Maybe I give it a week to sell, or else... I'll use it! Haha!
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