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Thread: Hot pixel problem

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    Default Hot pixel problem

    Hi to all! Newbie here!

    By chance, I noticed a 'hot' pixel last nite on pics taken from my NEWLY PURCHASED D70s (from Comex on Thursday). Would not consider it a dead one, since the pixel only shows up when shutter speed is 1/4s or longer. Pixel is white in colour, and does not show up when shutter is > 1/4.

    Is this a big problem? I read through some of the threads here but, it seems that dead/hot pixels are problems, but only after several months of usage. Here I have barely taken even 50 pics!

    Should I bring it back to Cathay Photo (Marina) and ask for a replacement, or bring it back to Comex?

    Advice needed urgently!

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    SMSed several people...bringing it down to Comex to change today. Hopefully the replacement will not have the same problem.


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