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Thread: If You Don'T Own A Leica You Are Not A photographer

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    Quote Originally Posted by r32
    Well if I owned a Leica, but left it at home while shooting with, say, a D2H or a 1Ds, does that make me a photographer?

    Them old farts ought to be less vague when making sweeping statements like that.
    Well, care to show me some of your award-winning shot taken with a D2H or a 1Ds?
    And also for your info, Leica is not for old-farts. I must admit that there are alot of Leica owner who is a show-offs...but lets us not condemn all. Some of them whom I know them personally shoot very nice pics with it. And their work even appears in european mag.

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    So far I have not seen anyone here on CS that really agreed with the ah pek that made the statement which is the topic of this thread. I believe this thread has served its purpose and I am also seeing sidetracked debate going on. As such, I have decided to close this thread.

    Personally, I don't feel that a statement such as this is even worth commenting on. Does Leica make medium and large format cameras? If not then I guess all those professonals who shoot in medium are large format are not photographers, according to the "if you don't own a Leica..." statement.

    Let's not waste any more time on such a pointless claim.
    As complexity rises, precise statements lose meaning and meaningful statements lose precision.

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