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Thread: Comex Spoils

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    Quote Originally Posted by fireframe
    Is this at Memory World's booth or some other booth?
    yup memory world booth, was surprised at the price! its even cheaper than kingston's. think is pricing error?? :P

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    Any web cam offers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt
    Forsee he will buy the following...

    Coolermaster Casing the most ex 1... no ex no buy...
    Water cooling system
    dunno simi Duo Core, den gfx is SLI confirm
    Razer Copperhead with exact mat
    Logitech G15
    Dell 30" monitor...
    Partial correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CasonLyn
    bought a 2 GB transcend CF 120x for $63
    So still got stocks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venom81
    So still got stocks?
    hows transcends quality compared to say sandisk? im planning to buy one also. thanks.

    btw, anyone saw a booth selling fujifilm products? thanks
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    I would say these ppl are just there to earn some pocket $, not to sell you the goods. They don't have product knowledge, neither customer service. I think this is

    Quote Originally Posted by Del_CtrlnoAlt
    talk about service... the canon service today sucks man... i know what i want already, so i go there, then all bo chup me, must be thinking i no money buy... i literally walk thru the entire space and all the people are just standing there doing nothing but look at me... then 1 girl gave me a brochure... then i took it & just point to her, i wan tis... then she blur... then she say she not sales, so she get another girl, lagi blur... then i said specifically, i wan to buy... then she say, y dun i get the other model? wtf... i buy the more expensive version u tell me to get the crippled one for?? i was like, duh, i know wat i wan, den she still say, tis 1 i no display set... duh... i buying, not viewing... can't she get the hint? then she go ask her senior got tis set anot... then nevermind, paying up, the person over the counter wan my name, contact & email, then the blur girl just stood there blocking my way, so i went over the other side, blocking the entrance, then the lady said cannot stand there, so i said, the girl blocking me mah... haiz... wonder she got commission anot, should gimme cash rebate better... since i more like self service... anyway i seem to be the only 1 buying that today... at 9pm... hmmz... how i know... the free gift list scan whole row only tick once...
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