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Thread: Latest email scam!!!

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    Default Latest email scam!!!

    Ref No: STATS/2512/27
    Batch No: 14/0017/IPD
    Serial No: MAK/A2/06
    Ticket No: 15271
    Lucky No: 425448/7785.

    Lottery Winner,


    We are
    pleased to inform you of the result of the lottery
    programs held on 31st of August 2006 with your e-mail address attached
    to one of the winning ticket numbers. You have therefore been approved
    for a lump sum pay out of 850,000.00 (Eight Hundred Fifty Thousand
    Euros Only)


    All participants were selected
    through a computer ballot system from our sponsors databases,
    including over 50,000 companies and 150,000 individual E-mail
    and names submitted by our agents drawn from
    Asia, Africa, Europe,
    North And South America and around the world.

    To begin your claim, do
    file for the release of your winning by contacting our accredited

    Contact Person: Mr. Smith Brandon
    Director of Operations.
    Tel : 00
    Fax:: 00 31-847-300-758

    NOTE: All winnings must be
    notarized to complete the claim process; winners will
    be referred to a
    Foreign Transfer Manager, to have their winnings notarized, all
    winners are to cover the legal charges not First Trust Finance &
    Securities BV.All winnings must be claimed not later than 12th of
    September 2006,after this date all unclaimed winnings will be null and

    In Order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications remember
    to quote your reference number and batch numbers in all
    correspondence. Furthermore, should there be any change of address do
    inform our agents as soon as possible.

    Congratulations once more and
    thank you for being part of our promotional program.note: Anybody
    under the age of 18 is automatically disqualified.

    Yours faithfully

    Mrs Rona Macaay
    Staatsloterij Co-ordinator NL.

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    Default Re: Latest email scam!!!

    got it...

    will look out ...

    Stress Man @ work... :bigeyes:

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    Default Re: Latest email scam!!!

    such emails go straight to my junk mail..
    eat. drink. shoot

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    Default Re: Latest email scam!!!

    I will never have chance to read such email in inbox...they are directly regards as spam and filter out to trash.
    Cleanse your thoughts, not by the foods you eat.

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    Default Re: Latest email scam!!!

    Never ever pay money in order to get money...

    You should tell them, "Why not use the prize money to pay for the processing fee and then you can mail the rest to me?"

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    Default Re: Latest email scam!!!

    OT a bit.

    My wife just got a call last night saying that she won something - to the tune of about $4000. And all she has to do is to turn up for a 'meeting'. Sounds like any other hard sell scheme that we know of right?

    What was scary was that my wife was asked to confirm her details includeing her IC which was correct. She was also promised that there was no obligation to buy anything and that it will definitely finish within 2 hrs....

    We of course did not go.

    But what is worrying is that there are pple who can get our details/numbers etc.

    Makes me wonder if we should fill up those contest forms at fairs - esply now that I am going to COMEX....

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    Default Re: Latest email scam!!!

    my c.o. always put my nos whenever she fillup something....occasionally got call from these kind of pple...ofcos they only get wat they deserve!!


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