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Thread: Value of photography.

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    Default Value of photography.

    As technologies advance.....many things can be done
    very easily.......including photography.

    Now most of them carry digital camera and I can observe that
    some newbies with small digital camera do take very nice
    photographs, like a professional. Photos taken can touch up in PC's
    software. Sharpening the image, crop the extra sides,
    adjusting the DOF....and many many more.......

    Where all these for a film camera, you have to get it done before you
    press the shuttle button. you selects the focusing length and the aperture
    for the DOF you need.....choose a good background for your subject.....

    So, with all this, everyone can take nice and good photos in the future.
    Will the value of professional photography drops?
    Do give comments on this. I find it is a very sad case as analog
    camera will soon be obsolete.

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    Red face

    i share ur views....

    for example, i was enquiring abt buying some add-on filters for the digicam and the response was "..u can actually achieve the same or better effect if u know how to use photo shop....".

    someone who is a master of the ps s/w could very possibly produce wonders from a normal (not lousy) pic taken with a decent digicam, i think.

    yet, for some reason, many of us are still quite proud abt capturing and showing off shots in its "original" and "un-processed" form taken wif those "pro" equipments & what-not filters.... (i dun own any pro gears yet, but i'll be 'guilty' of doing the same if i do )
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