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Thread: Road Peeves - Crazy Driver!

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    Today, time to go to COMEX. Took the PIE towards Changi. Was behind a yellow top taxi, next thing I know, it suddenly jammed brake and started to swerve about, what the #*!? was happening?

    I overtook it on the right and looked (stared) at the driver, but he was liked very sleepy and rather stoned! I hope that he was smart enough to drive off the PIE and take a rest before driving again.

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    another incident

    driving behind a malaysian van yesterday when it was raining. the driver suddenly realised his back window was not closed, so while driving on the 2nd lane on the expressway, he turned around, reached behind and closed the window. All this while he suddenly slowed down his van and his van swerved for a moment.

    bloody dangerous on any road, what more on a rainy day

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    Sometimes hor I wondered if those drivers who fitted those xenon headlamps got check their damn bloody light or not. Singapore road so bright already still put those bloody lamp for what ? Cannot see meh ? Maybe change their eyes better. Wan to change then must check see if tilted or not ? Dun go bloody shine the light into the vehicle in front la , so bloody irritating and these drivers still ba long long yayapapaya drive their kuku car as if nothing happen. When I slow down, drive behind them and on my high beam , they look at me , I look at him. I also heck care lor.

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