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Thread: Proposal: Magazines Exchange Program

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    Default Proposal: Magazines Exchange Program

    Dear CSers,

    I currently subscribe to the following magazines:

    1) Time
    2) The Economist
    3) National Geographic

    I'm also interested in reading magazines related to photography (PDN, Photoshop User, PhotoVideoI) and tech trends (HWM,etc).

    Instead of spending more money to subscribe to these mags, i'm offering to exchane or trade-in for them with CSers who already subscribe to these mags and are keen to read mine.

    I've not thought out the specific details of such arrangement other than that it should be once we're done with our own mags, we exchange and return them when we meet again for the next exchange.

    My only condition to potential traders is that they stay in the east or are prepared to exchange in tampines.

    email me:



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    Default Re: Proposal: Magazines Exchange Program

    or we could head down to borders and erm..... browse through the magazines

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    thanks trinity for ur suggestion... have actually praticed that before,.. but as many of you might agree,.. it is not always a comfortable and convenient process... i prefer long and comfortable read at home.

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    Default Re: Proposal: Magazines Exchange Program

    Think this is a very good idea! Like starting your own library!
    Too bad I don't subscribe to any magazine at the moment........


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    anymore interested traders?

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    I have many old copies of HWM.... not interested to exchange, but maybe if you want to buy over these old copies I may consider to sell them off... let me know via PM...


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