Anyone familiar with this museum? There is a room where the lights are not working so a bit dark. And there is a couple of male and female figures sitting on the bed who looks very real. I have a friend who accopanied me but she don't want to go inside the room, and told me afterwards that the workers there reported that the girl's face sometimes look sad, and sometimes smiles. And one story about a worker who slept there (because the room was airconed), felt someone poking him at night. Aside from that, she have no idea what was the story behind it. As for me, I still feel them almost real and, in a silly way, feels that the girl seem content and happy even. Anyone knows what is the story behind this room or the couple?

Sorry for the poor photo but it was pitch dark and I did not have any flash, ergo jerky snapshot. Overall, its a nice place to visit and I encourage anyone who have not been to Malay Village to go and visit at least once.