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Thread: Singapore 2006 (IMF meeting)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sehsuan
    Haha, how true this is, I don't know. My friend told me, another friend of his was applying to be a BMW driver-chauffeur for the event. So my friend just casually asked, how much the pay was. Apparently, that was $2.2K! The guy apparently did not make it because he didn't have enough driving experience, since the organizers were looking for drivers with 20 years on the road.

    Well, if one day the nation discovers a severe lack of taxis... we know who to blame!

    hmmm.... the report on this page is wrong

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    me too! part of it. yes. i've got emailed saying 50 bucks per day. and after reading that thread in kopitiam, seriously it set me into thinking as well.
    gain experience? what experience are we talking about? for those newbies, perhaps yes. then again, u'll be hired if u have SOME EXPERIENCE! and actually to say, they are looking for experienced photogs.

    secondly, it'll be good if there's some credits and recognition on paper. if not, who knows? how are u going to use that as ur own portfolio?

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    Doesn't it sound like Work-For-Hire?

    Copyrights don't belong to you, while you're paid. This is probably worse than freelancing, where you can still choose to license your images.

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