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Thread: Help!!! recovering images from formatted xd card

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    Default Help!!! recovering images from formatted xd card

    i took many pics with fuji f11 and done back up few times. no problem. I erased everything and started a new round of shooting during my trip till it was almost full (1 GB). when i was back at hotel n wanted to review the pics, it said "card error"!!

    back to sing, tried to recover image but cant. went to fujifilm customer service centre, they almost wanna charge me for it but I flared up and told them i just bought the camera. The senior technician then tried to recover but also said their software can't even read the card. they offered an exchange of the card

    I said i'll go back again for exchange, meanwhile approached a friend for help who asked me to try format the card first, which i did in the camera. then he used his pro software in his computer to see if it can be recovered. Also can't!

    anyone here think there's still hope? It's few hundred precious photos of my beautiful memories. what can I do? I search through the forum on image recovery but mostly on other cards.
    how about xd card?

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    Default Re: Help!!! recovering images from formatted xd card

    Had a negative experience with a lexar card.(included image resque 2 when i bought it)
    Out of curiosity I tried to recover from a scan disc ultra 2 card for comparison(all pics deleted previously)
    Surprise ,surprise all pics could be restored from the good card, but not from the faulty card
    Did I expect anything else - not really

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    anyone out there, so can I say for sure that there is ABSOLUTELY NO hope of regaining my lost photos?


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