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    Question New to Film...

    Hehe. Need some help with buying film guys. Wat are the "must have" film to look out for? And how much do they cost? Anyone with links to useful webbies about film? Thanks in advance.

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    Oh forgot...i meant "must have" film for say traveling and indoors? Thanks again.

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    Are you working with negs or slides?
    For negs, since you are doing indoor work, u might want to try Press 800, which gives superb quality for its ISO.
    For slides, I'd choose Provia 400F for its versatility.

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    how about fujicolor Superia xtra400?

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    Some magazines or websites have some kind of summary or comparison? Something like eighty over film? I do not know the exact number, and neither really bother... too long to read any all-encompassing charts!

    For a very quick summary, avoid Kodak Gold 400... Ok, to be fair, this film gives you above average warm tones and grainniness.

    Let's narrow down the film to what you can get at the local stores such as Cathay, Ruby, Fotoguide et al.

    In gist:
    Fuji NPH400 - "wedding" film.
    Fuji Press 800 - versatile high speed film
    Fuji Xtra400 - Cheap and pretty good

    These are some colour neg. film I use quite often indoors. For Kodak emulsions, I have only used the Portras once or twice before, but certainly they are no less capable. Maybe because I support Japanese products.

    For travel, the above films do have their place. Some people may prefer to shoot slides. I second Fuji Provia (also iso 100 emulsion), though other slide films would have their stronghold applications.

    To summarise, I think there isn't really any "must-have" film so to speak, though each user would have their own personal preference. So at this stage, you can perhaps tell us what sort of things you would like to accomplish photographically indoors and during travels, and also just kick off the process by buying some film and trying them out.

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    if you like portrait, also try e6 and process c41, u'll get very nice color on skin, better have +1/2 stop over when shoot.....

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    Thanks for all that info guys. Guess i will have to buy the different type to test and see for myself then. Anyway, i will start with those recommended. Thanks again.

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    you might want to take a look:
    Check out my wildlife pics at

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    Originally posted by mpenza
    you might want to take a look:
    Thanks for the link.


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