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Thread: PDA- HP or O2 Atom

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    Hi all,
    Called O2 to inquire on changing the O2 mini casing and was informed it costs S$ 180!
    Understand we can buy some off the shelf from 3rd party makers but may need to get someone to change the case.
    Thought of upgrading to either a HP or O2 Atom.
    Can I have your feedback as to which is a better buy? In terms of user friendliness, speed etc.
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    i saw hardwarezone selling for ard 120 the casing...

    well...i'm an o2 supporter..but the hp does have pretty decent reviews..


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    get the dopod 818 if you're considering O2 atom. O2 after sales service simply sux big time, and after the product has gone EOL (discontinued) they will not even respond to simple email queries about them. Not even a simple statement that says "Sorry this product is no longer supported as it is discontinued"
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