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Thread: Outrage modesty of celebrity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gymrat76
    I hope you'll remember that the next time you post 'funny' questions about gay men in toilets. This freedom doesn't only apply to the press, but to your comments and opinions in a public forum.
    I sincerely apologize to all who felt insulted or hurt for that oversight of me, since that thread is locked.......

    I didn't thought it would have been that bad, as I am not straight myself......

    Hong Sien

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    more p hotos are needed for proof to erm...... decide if the petition is worth signing for

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    check the news and watch the video

    its big news in HK
    Regards, Mark Pang

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    There's a big difference between freedom of press and infringement of privacy.

    If you advocate that the press is allowed to take such photos, whether the person's attributes are impressive or not, or whether the person's state of undress is controversial enough.. Then it won't be long before you allow the government to watch every move of your life. Would you feel violated? I certainly hope so, for your sake.

    Taking photos in public places is different, but at home/private places is an entirely different thing altogether, thanks. (And I'm not a fan, btw.)

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