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Thread: TTL Auto Preflash question

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    Hey guys,

    I am using a FL36 and i came across this in the manaul. (page 22)

    Directly from the manual,
    In this mode, preflash is performed to measure the optimum flash intensity and then the actual flash is performed.

    1. The control panel shows the light control range according to the camera setup.
    2. Confirm that the distance to the subject is within the light control range. If not, adjust the lens iris (F) or the subject distance. The light control range varies according to the camera type and camera setup (ISO speed, lens iris (F) and lens focal distance (ZOOM)).
    3. When flash activation has been performed correctly, the AUTO CHECK lamps blinks about 5 seconds after the shutter is released.

    From the manaul, I have to press the shutter; thereby taking a photo, and that means the shot i took is used to calculate the light intensity. then, i have to take a 2nd photo and that is the 'ideal' shot?

    I've tried it out on my E300 and the results look the same leh for both shots.

    Why shouldnt it fire 1 shot of flash after i press the shutter button, and then fire again by itself and capturing the photo on the 2nd flash ? isnt it more logical? Are other flash systems from canon or nikon behaving the same way as the oly in this aspect?

    Am i missing something? TIA!
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    It does not say anywhere in the manual that you have to press the shutter release once to perform the pre-flash and then press the shutter release a second time to take the actual shot.

    In the TTL Auto mode, the preflash activates immediately to determine the amount of light required after you press the shutter to take the shot, followed by the actual flash a split second later, just like the flash systems of Canon and Nikon. Most of the time, the user may not be able to see the double flash operation as the interval is so short, unless he is very observant.

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    thanks for the clarification!

    i should try to observe the double shot next time i use this mode.

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    Default Re: TTL Auto Preflash question

    Don't blink, there's about 100ms between flashes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikefellh
    Don't blink, there's about 100ms between flashes.

    then my eyes will


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