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Thread: Wedding shoot for friend

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    I know this too well.

    A colleague whom I'd covered their ROM first gave me their opinion that they find my photos 'wonderful', 'very nice', 'excellent'.

    But when their AD came, the same colleague approached me and asked me if I knew of any CHEAP lobangs (the keyword is 'cheap') and maybe thru me I can perhaps get some 'special friendship rates' for his AD. When asked, he gave the excuse, "Aiyah, my wife wants Pro one. U know? Those got shop one. Those are the Pros."

    I'm just sitting paitently and waiting for their AD, since their photographer is a Malaysian... If the AD photographer KENA at the causeway... ho, ho, ho....
    "Wonders of the Human Mind. Unfathomable to the highest degree."

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    Quote Originally Posted by zac08
    I was a second photog before... as the others mentioned, just keep out of the way and shoot as a photo-journalistic style. It's much better as you will not duplicate the main photog's pics and you may get some nice and interesting shots along the way too.
    I agree that since u are the secondary photographer, your angle shd not be the same as the official. You shd take the chance to shoot at different angle with different perspective. That will help complement the official's photos. As official, sometimes, u have to shoot it "officially" for some pp in a certain traditional way. When u are secondary, u may capture very nice shots.

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